Fine Art Photgraphy by ERIC SEPLOWITZ   



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Successfully completing the development of and finally posting a web site live, is quite possible when we coordinate our efforts.

We work together in a supporting manner, each with our strengths. You will provide content in the form of ideas, text, and images. I will blend your suggestions and content into a live presentaion.

I will strive to bring to the project, the skills I have learned and developed over the years. You will bring the "real stuff" or content that we want to present to your users.

We start with a Plan and thinking about how extensive the site will be.

The site plan or design can vary from short and simple to a high end design that is researched and carefully developed in great detail.

We make our initial plan, perhaps by sketching boxes on paper, with diagrams showing the main pages or sections you envision.

These initial steps will provide us with a basic framework or site plan that will enable us to communicate clearly as we work together.

Let's think about Navigation.