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More Info - Navigation


Navigation is an important aspect of any web site.

A menu or set of links is often located on the top portion or the left side of each page. Your menu links help users find their way around by informing them where they are and where they can go.

The navigation bar or menu provides a consistent way for users to view major sections of your web site. It is one of the first concepts that we hope to address.

Consider, then decide on a few basic things...

  • Number of links to navigate the main sections of your site
  • Type of links or buttons
    (general look and behavior)
  • Where they are located on the page

The style of the link can take many forms including text, graphics, roll-over, etc. You can visit a number of different menu options that I have designed.

Strive for an easy flow through your site. Your users should have a clear idea of where they are, where to go and what to do on your site soon after the page loads. Not many of us enjoy being lost.

It is wise and less expensive to have a clear navigation plan established early on. And, whenever possible, I like simple.

Considering your Content.



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