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Studies have shown that content is the backbone of any web site.
Visitors are generally looking for and continue to return for content.

Begin to collect and organize your content. Research your writing. Your web site needs to have good content. We have someone on our staff that can help you to create and organize your content.

Providing good content, text and images, in a usable form ready to be placed into a web page is one of your major responsibilities.

Your may create your content with a word processor or any program that helps you to provide the layout and "look" that you are striving for.

Word and image files may be e-mailed to me as an attachment before and during site development.

Once a preliminary design has been developed, I can send you a link to its location. You will be able to watch your site develop and grow from your home.

Suggestions, comments and addition content can be emailed to me as we progress. Your input enables us to build an efficient site that is very much to your liking.

Once your site is finished it is wise to keep your site fresh by updating the content regularly.

Getting started.



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