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Refreshing or Reloading Your Browser Window

Ever return to a website expecting to find updated information but it isn't there? Someone else can get the update on their computer but you still see the old content?

This can be caused by the fact that your browser will cache information on your computer for speed and efficiency.

Your computer will save copies of web pages as you navigate around the Internet. It will actually save many resources associated with each page including pages, images and files.

Then, if you return to that page within a certain amount of time, instead of your browser asking the server for it again, it just pulls it up from the storage on your own computer.

To make sure you have the most up-to-date version of a web page you can refresh your browser. Your browser will then access a resource on the Internet to update your page and update the stored cache content on your computer.

On the most popular browsers you can press the F5 key or

Click on the refresh button refresh / reload

which is generally located on your browser toolbar.