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Warsaw  and  Auschwitz: Words  Are  Only  The  Beginning

Politics is about power. Political rhetoric is about control over people’s thinking, decisions and behavior. Sometimes power comes from votes, sometimes from violence. No matter how power and control are won, the struggle begins with words and images. Politicians use words to create images to persuade and cajole voters, to rouse and unify people, to […]

Yes, Evil Is Still Around ….. Really!!

Some weeks ago, a young couple (both 29) from Washington, D. C. were cycling through ISIS territory in Tajikistan. They were at the end of a year-long bicycle tour. A car passed them, turned around – and deliberately ran them down. Then, the five occupants, ISIS members, stabbed the cyclists to death, later announcing the […]

Failed Leaders And Our Catholic Dilemma: What Do We Do Now ?

A friend — a bewildered, depressed Catholic friend — asks, “Where do we go now, given the astonishing sins and failures of our ordained leaders, our wicked priests and bishops who have betrayed us?” Where do we go now? My answer: Nowhere … We go nowhere. There is no need whatever for any faithful Catholic […]

Unavoidable Facts … And The Memory Of A Good And Grand Man

From Pope to parish, from Vatican splendor to the humblest Catholic hovel, the outrageous scandals now shaking the Catholic Church are beyond tragic. The indefensible behavior of guilty priests enrages even the most forgiving amongst us. The scandal is further contaminated by the inexplicable passivity of uncounted, morally feckless Catholic bishops. The sins and covers-up […]