Greater Love Than This . . . Friendship At Its Best

We all know about friendship. We have lots of friends: friends at work, in the neighborhood, friends from school or church, friends at the club or the pub – or somewhere.

Our children “hang out” with friends, thumbs a’whirl texting one another, even as they stand but two feet away from each other. Even the internet lets us “friend” people we do not even know and will probably never meet.

We’re friends (or friendly) with lots of people. We wave in friendly fashion at neighbors; they wave back. A wealthy investment broker recently threw a birthday party for two hundred of his best friends. Two hundred.

We seek friends because we need friendship. Friends bring us out of ourselves into a community of humanizing mutuality in which we learn that life is not always just about us.

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  1. Shirley Roy
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    This is so well said!
    I do believe that the need to love, to give, and to help others, is part of the human DNA.
    And looking back, knowing that in even some small way we have contributed to the lives of others in a positive way, provides comfort.

    On the other hand in remembering those inevitable moments of weakness when we have hurt others, is a natural source of shame and regret.

    It seems interesting that human beings are invested with the need to love, to assist and to unite with others

    But then behold human nature, with its tendency to self-centeredness, self-service, and selfishness.

    And there lies The Game of Life, that constant tension and struggle which plays out day by day, week by week, and year by year.
    The outcome defines personhood and self-esteem.

    The training ground and playing field is family and family life is so well elucidated by Dr Boland.
    Schools, community, sports, clubs, and other activities are an extension. Hence the immense influence of one generation to another, parents, teachers, coaches, and and all adults.
    –The silent influence of each person’s life.

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