Beneath The Label: A Conservative Heart

After reading my last essay about the Kavanaugh Event, a Left-speaking neighbor said to me, “You must be some kinda’ weirdo Conservative.”

My answer was brief. “If you must label me … then, yes, Conservative fits…”

But wait!!  Conservatives are rigid racists, uppity sexists, women-hating, inflexible absolutists, judgmental snobs and stuff like that ….. right?  So, why do I admit that “I am indeed a Conservative”?

Let me explain — but please understand. This is not merely a partisan political statement. I offer here a brief view of certain First Principles with which I view our lives in this blessed, but threatened, nation.

A  Little  Learning  Background

We all have a vision of what’s good for us in this life. Our vision embodies our values and goals. When a goal has sufficient weight, it motivates and influences our behavior and fuels our energy. But energy must be tempered and focused, lest we defeat ourselves by excess and intemperance.

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