Monthly Archives: October 2018

On The Border

Twenty years ago, I was invited to consult with a large financial institution centered in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. On the flight from Miami, I was seated next to an American businessman who quickly proved to be both an enthusiastic bibber and, as his intake swelled, a loquacious, self-described “expert” on the worrisome facts […]

Is Performance Rage Working?

Demonstrators screech at legislators in restaurants, on the streets, in their offices. Fits of venomous vulgarity, frothy rage and florid irrationality are standard ploys for upset Progressives on the warpath … and combative events increase in frequency and intensity. Some observers say the underlying reason for these escalating forays is simply the overflow of Leftist […]

Beneath The Label: A Conservative Heart

After reading my last essay about the Kavanaugh Event, a Left-speaking neighbor said to me, “You must be some kinda’ weirdo Conservative.” My answer was brief. “If you must label me … then, yes, Conservative fits…” But wait!!  Conservatives are rigid racists, uppity sexists, women-hating, inflexible absolutists, judgmental snobs and stuff like that ….. right? […]