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What They Are Saying


Bob & Sandy, Upstate NY
In September 2009, my husband and I joined Captain Mike for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure aboard the Dove II in the Chesapeake Bay area. We enjoyed wonderful meals, fabulous scenery, amazing sunsets, and we slept very well, all while taking in the ambiance of an authentically restored schooner. Captain Mike began each morning by providing a delicious breakfast and Maine humor -- laughter and good food is always the right way to start the day. He also provided a variety of historic and scenic excursions. Every detail was taken care of and Captain Mike made sure that safety always came first. Being at the helm of a 30 ton sailing vessel with the whole world in front of you is a powerful experience. It was a great, unforgettable adventure and, I will admit, that paddling to shore in a dinghy proved to be more fun than I expected.


Jim P., USCG Captain

"I crewed for Mike on DOVE II in a schooner race. She is a truly special boat. It was a great adventure, we always felt really safe, and we came away with a trophy! I'd never sailed on a gaff rig with the old methods, and it was fascinating how human power could raise and operate such large sails."