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Dove II

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Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance should I reserve a berth to crew on Dove II ?
At least a month in advance. (Many berths are reserved 2 months or more in advance.)

Is there parking and how much is it?

There is free parking available almost everywhere we drop anchor or tie up.

Does Dove II take passengers?

We occasionally take guests on board for short periods, but in general, berth space on Dove II is reserved for people with some sailing experience who are crewing.

Can I bring a pet?

We regret that we do not board pets.

Are there any other "rules" while we are on board Dove II?

1. There is no smoking on board or near Dove II or her tenders.

2. Parents must accompany children on board and are solely responsible for them.

3. Your safety is our priority. The schedule and ports of call are subject to Cap’n Mike’s sole judgment due to weather and other safety concerns.

How about drinks? Should I bring those?

We supply non-alcoholic drinks. You may bring your own alcohol aboard. For safety reasons, alcohol consumption may be restricted while the vessel is under sail.