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Dove II

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Guest Sailing Experience:
None needed, but the more you have, the more you can do on board. Learn as much or little as you like.


1-Week Cruise

A week aboard is for many a life experience.

In keeping with 19th century tastes, Dove II feels like a home. Berths are comfortable, food is tasty, and you’ll see a succession of awe-inspiring vistas.


But unlike the original Dove of 1875, our Dove II has an auxiliary diesel engine, radar, and a 12-volt electrical system to supplement the oil lamps. Phones can be recharged, music heard and DVDs viewed when away from shore power.

Dove II accommodates up to 5 guests and 2 crew.


The forecabin accommodates 2 in separate berths, and the center cabin/library has berths for 2 or 3 people in 1 single and 1 double berth.

Cap’n and crew sleep in the aft cabin containing the galley, dining area and navigation station. The center and aft cabins are excellent for socializing, each with its own companionway.

Crewed and Provisioned Charter Rate: $4,500 for the boat, 7 days and 6 nights.

Typical 1-Week Cruise Schedule:

    Day 1—Welcome aboard reception & orientation

    Day 2-6—Sailing, ports of call and other activities

    Day 7–Disembark after a leisurely farewell brunch


  1. On board meals & drinks
    (bring your own alcohol)
  2. Safety equipment, sheets, blankets, towels and washcloths
  3. Games, music, films (also bring your own)
  4. A ship’s library with some of the best nautical works ever published
  5. Helpful information to pack & prepare for the trip


  1. Fuel consumed during the cruise
  2. Mooring or slip fees (if any) during the cruise