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Guided Meditation Cruises

There are few places more suited to meditation than a traditional sailing ship. Nourish your spiritual center on the water under the guidance of a carefully chosen meditation guide.

Depending on your group’s preference, a guide for any of several approaches to meditation can be arranged.

Because you charter the schooner, you are free to help Cap’n Mike plan your spiritual sailing adventure.

A typical day could include morning meditation and a meal, 3-5 hours of sailing and related ship-oriented activities or nature-related activities afloat or ashore (snorkeling, swimming, hiking, etc.), lunch, a late afternoon meditation, dinner, and evening socializing or quiet time, according to your wishes.

Each night is spent at anchor or, if your group prefers, a mooring or marina slip.

A guided meditation cruise (schooner captain and meditation guide included) can be scheduled for 4 days (3 nights) or 7 days (6 nights). Adults only. Minimum group size is 3; 4 is recommended; 5 is the maximum. Meals, snacks and beverages are included.

The menu can be adapted to your group’s preferences.

Approximate total group rate for the charter is $4,750 for the 4-day cruise, and $7000 for the 7-day cruise. Fuel, slip and mooring expense extra.