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Dove II is "hands-on." While you’re aboard, she becomes, in a very real sense, your windjammer.

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What appeals to you? Experience a unique sailboat vacation crewing with us, and for a lot less than as a passenger on the commercial schooners!

Dove II is a faithful recreation of the “pinky” schooner, the quintessential Maine schooner. She is a rare opportunity to slip back to the Age of Sail and experience the peace and romance of this authentic sailing ship. Hoist and trim her large sails without using winches. Learn classic sailing from her captain.

Feel the control of her helm—she is likely the largest boat you’ll ever steer by tiller, and she handles with ease. Learn how a windjammer gaff rig can surpass modern Bermudan sail plans.

When you step off, you may carry away a newfound appreciation of—and enthusiasm for—the old ways. And your gaff rig skills can help you crewing on Dove II in races, and on other schooners if that’s your goal.

Each sailing trip on Dove II can be customized—you are invited to plan your preferred itinerary and activities with Cap’n Mike.


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Ship's Store

  • Chandlery for traditional boats: hard-to-get items
  • Wood blocks & Deadeyes
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