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Dove II

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Schooner & Golf Cruise in Maine

Imagine this incredible 1-week vacation with your golfing buddies! Sail on Dove II, your private captained schooner, to several beautiful and historic seaside courses around Penobscot Bay. Enjoy excellent meals on board (and on shore) and deep, invigorating sleep each night in your shipboard berth. Choose picturesque and challenging old-time courses. Cap’n Mike enjoys a golf cruise so much that if you are a threesome, he’ll gladly volunteer to be the fourth!

Help Cap’n Mike sail the boat if you wish. Fly into Bangor (or bus there from Boston) and Cap’n Mike can arrange transport to the Dove II. Prime times for this adventure are in July and August, and with a little arm-twisting, until the leaves start to turn color in September.

Call or e-mail Cap’n Mike to plan your golfing holiday this summer!


  1. Schooner Dove II, with captain
  2. On board meals & non-alcoholic drinks (bring your own alcohol)
  3. Safety equipment, sheets, blankets, towels and washcloths
  4. Games, music, films (also bring your own)
  5. A ship’s library with some of the best nautical works ever published
  6. Helpful information to pack & prepare for the trip


  1. Shore-side food and drinks
  2. Fuel consumed during your cruise
  3. Mooring or slip fees (if any) during the cruise
  4. Greens fees and other golfing expense (greens/golf cart fees usually range from $50-135 per person per round, depending on the course and time of year)
  5. Shore-side transportation