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Want to Crew? Longer Sailing Trips, and Schooner Races!



In addition, racing crew commit to spend some time on Dove II, apart from "race week", honing their finer skills at hoisting sail on any point of sail, reefing with the wind afore and abaft, handling the fisherman, working on the bowsprit, and helming.

Call or e-mail Mike Taber about crewing—check the Ports of Call and see where it suits you best. He can give you the names of other crew so you can find out more about crewing on Dove II.

Welcome aboard! Crewing on gaff-rigged schooners is in some ways quite different from sailing other boats. Many sailors of Bermudan (Marconi) sloops make the jump to gaff rig quite easily. Crewing is a great way to have an enjoyable and inexpensive vacation, especially on a boat where people get along well and enjoy pulling together.

Crewing on Dove II is a volunteer experience-- crew contribute toward food , fuel and operating expense of a coastal or offshore sail. (Cap’n Mike prefers sailing over motoring and anchoring over a slip, so these costs are quite reasonable.) Also for the longer hauls, crew report dockside a couple of days before the planned departure to acclimate to the boat and help make her ready for the voyage.

Longer trips. Crew on the longer hauls (between the Chesapeake Bay and Maine, or to the Caribbean or the Bahamas) do not need prior gaff-rig or schooner experience. However, experience has taught that some knowledge and experience is necessary:

  • Tie basic shipboard knots with ease
  • Some night sailing in large bay or coastal
  • Participated in a 24/7 watch rotation while underway
  • Sailed in sustained winds higher than 25 kts
  • Experienced seas of 6 feet or more

Schooner racing crew need those same skills plus some gaff-rig schooner experience. Crew experience on another schooner, or a longer trip on Dove II are usually enough to qualify.