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Dove II

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Mike Taber is a Maine native, sailboat racer (former Lightning fleet captain), and keelboat sailor with a schooner wake coursing his veins.

He has sailed from Maine to Florida and in the Caribbean. Mike loves to help guests learn to sail the Dove, hone their navigation skills, or just hang out and enjoy the experience.

Guests and crew agree Mike is an accomplished cook, an extra benefit that adds to the enjoyment of any sail.

“This wonderful traditional wooden schooner is kind of like a wife. She requires a considerable and ongoing commitment of mind, body and heart; and in return she is a source of incredible benefit. Besides showing off her speed in major races, she has shown her seaworthiness in two full gales off the Carolinas—and she has done this quietly, without the creaks and groans that sailors typically expect from a wooden vessel."

“Dove II is also very good at letting us know what she needs. Great ships are like that; they are our protectors and deliverers, all the more if we are attentive and connect with them. The old salts knew this.”