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10 Dec. 2006 - Holiday Walk Craft Fair
Come, see my work & talk. 9am - 4pm
Williamstown Elementary School,
Williamstown, MA

My web site in itself, is a whole new adventure.

As you browse through my artwork you will come across three major portions that we have started to put online.

Greeting Cards
You will find my artwork that has been Published by a number of Greeting Card companies over the years, including George Caspari Company.

Original Watercolors
I am in the process of displaying online many of my Original Watercolors that are for sale.

Because of recent inquiries, I have begun to make Prints of my originals available.

I am now accepting orders for my Original Watercolors (that range in price from $400-$700) and Prints of my Original Watercolors ($20).

Please Contact me with any questions or requests.